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Speeding tickets are among the first things we're warned about from the very moment we earn our drivers' licenses. We know they can be expensive, frustrating, embarrassing, and could potentially mean a suspended license and an impounded vehicle. The reason they so often mean these things is because the courts expect you to plead guilty and automatically subject yourself to the hoops they want you to jump through in order to correct it and move on.

We at Owens & Kurz believe that this doesn't need to be the case, and if you're facing an unnecessarily issued speeding ticket in Columbia, we can work with you to challenge the issuing officer and dismiss your ticket completely.

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How Fast You Were Allegedly Driving and What It Means for Your Case

The State of Maryland's traffic courts have a system in place for determining the severity of a traffic ticket. If you were issued a speeding ticket for going less than 9 miles an hour over the speed limit, you can still be cited, but it means your case is likely to be dismissed.

The faster you were allegedly traveling over the speed limit, the more that's at stake with your case:

  • 10-29 mph over the limit: 2 points on your license with increasing payments in fines
  • 30-40+ mph over the limit: 5 points on your license with increasing payments in fines

In terms of points, there are effectively 2 classes of speeding violation. The latter class will often be called reckless driving and cause a 5-point hit on your license that will automatically suspend it in the State of Maryland. If the police officer says you were clocked at 63 on a 30 mph-hour street in a business district, your license may be at stake, and it's more important than ever to hire a qualified attorney who has experience fighting and beating these charges.

Legal Defenses of Speeding Violations

As mentioned earlier, these violations are often expected to go in the favor of the State without much of a fight from the defendant, but if there truly was an error with your ticket, work can be done to make it go away.

There are three major ways to successfully defend a speeding ticket:

  • Argue faultiness in the equipment used to clock you.
  • Argue that your car was mistaken for another car who was in fact speeding.
  • Prove the existence of an emergency that required you to exceed the speed limit for the purpose of avoiding damage or injury to yourself or to another.

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You don't have to plead guilty. The right attorney on your side can work towards settling this matter fairly in the courtroom and leaving you with nothing worse than a memory of a falsely issued ticket.

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